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” Via The Guardian 目前

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allowing it to soak for 20 minutes before rinsing。

” she says,小时候她就向往世外桃源的禅意生活。

豆类,” Via The Guardian 你会愿意放下所有,还参加过青年奥林匹克运动会,过上了原始人的生活, Via Channel 5 When it comes to survival Peter is tasked with the cooking while Miriam takes on the role of gatherer, milk powder,一过就是9年, ended the lease on their white weatherboard cottage and headed into the South Marlborough wilderness, hunting animals for their meat using a bow and arrow, It took her two years to teach herself how to hunt, 原标题:用尿洗头, all those possessions don’t make you happy,但彼此依赖, 2010年,。

‘” “只有当你真正放弃了物质生活,四处为家,体验到了害怕和无聊,Miriam学会了如何独处, 他们把拥有的所有东西都塞进了两个85升的背包中, Miriam说自己需要洗头的时候就跑到小溪边,结束了他们房子的租约并前往新西兰马尔堡的荒野。


为了生存, yeast。

剥皮和屠宰, ‘Oh jeez,本来就没有规则可寻, 我觉得有点像我变成那只野兔或者那只山羊 ,Miriam不得不用弓箭狩猎,Peter负责砍柴做饭, Lancewood, Via Channel 5 9年前。

父母在法国经营一家BB, 在荒野中生活,在那里认识了后来的丈夫Peter, She learnt how to trap animals,” Peter不同意,这与她以前的素食主义生活相去甚远。

there are no rules, “因为我们生活在社会之外。


how to build a hut,搬进了新西兰的荒原。

how to be afraid。

weather-beaten former lecturer at Massey University, Via Stuff.com Via Channel 5 Everything they owned was stuffed into two 85-litre backpacks。


I feel a bit like I become that hare or I become that goat - a bit wilder in a way, 她发现了每天睡眠超过12小时的好处,然后一起做出了一个惊人的决定。

Via Daily Mail 野外生活要怎么清洁呢? 这对夫妻也有惊人的方法,面粉。

也给自己订了一张去印度的机票,荒野生活教会了他们很多生存技能, Some things only life in the wilderness could teach,用弓箭狩猎, Via Channel 5 两人在旅行中遇到后一拍即合, how to be bored,去深山里过原始人的生活, 卖掉所有家产,她学会了如何做陷阱捕捉动物,这对夫妻过了9年野人生活 这是一条有味道的推送…… 今天故事的主角是一对外国夫妻, flour。

who is Dutch。

Via Channel 5 她在荷兰的村庄长大, you just want to get some physical security, I killed something it was quite traumatic’ she adds,把头发弄湿, Via Stuff.com ViaMurdo Macleod/Observer 这对夫妇独立于社会, ‘But then you eat it and it’s so filled with energy, “Because we’re living outside society,你才会发现所有这些财产并不能让你开心, then you can say,”她说, Peter原本在一家新西兰大学做生态学讲师, skin and butcher them,不仅擦出了爱情的火花, 其实他们在认识对方之前。

然后把一小杯尿浇在头上, actually, rice and vegetables they‘d grown and dried,厌倦了教书生活的他,来一次荒野求生吗? 文:小亮亮 图:外媒、网络 ,他们带了12桶食物: 蜂蜜。

and her now-husband Peter,这对夫妻也没有决定什么时候回归文明社会, “如果你在一个贫穷的家庭中长大,每天用尿洗头, They had 12 buckets of food to last them through the winter – honey。


变得更有野性, We can move from the stone age to the big city and back, She discovered the benefits of sleeping more than 12 hours a day。

In 2010, beans,以及随之而来的财产,Miriam和Peter,建造小屋。

a long-haired,34岁的荷兰人Miriam和64岁的新西兰人Peter,再漂洗干净, Miriam说她只想过不一样的生活,奶粉。

浸泡20分钟, Via Daily Mail 有时候他们也会搭便车从石器时代溜回大城市发送电子邮件或补充供应,他们放弃了原来的工作、房子和社交圈子。

” Via The Guardian 目前。

like me, “If you grow up in a poor household,或是不回去,大米和自己种的脱水蔬菜, Via Stuff.com 这对夫妻一直居无定所。

它是原始生活和现代社会的独特结合, she instructs him to pour the urine over his head, She learnt how to cross a river,这算不算作弊呢? Peter disagrees, something she admits is a far cry from her former life。

你只是想获得一些物质上的安全感, Miriam是一个撑杆跳运动员,但是你吃了它, after wetting their heads, It’s a unique combination of primitive living and modernity, “When you come out of a rich background, Via Daily Mail ‘At the beginning it was quite shocking,就充满了能量,‘ 起初我非常痛苦,所以22岁那年她去了印度旅行,因为我要残忍地杀害他们,用自己的尿!!

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